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Is your French Bulldog having stomach issues? Here’s how you can prevent those:

1. Each individual French Bulldog responds to dog food differently. It’s widely popular to feed “grain free” food. Grain-free this, grain free that. I believe most dogs need grain. Without grain, we’ve overly protected our Frenchies and have not allowed them to build an immune system. Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean it’s always best. I encourage continuing to try all types of different types of dog food to see what fits best for your Frenchie. There is no one formula for your dog. Whatever works best, go with it, and always be consistent. Consistency is everything.

2. Feeding your Frenchie more times a day can decrease the quantity of air they’ll swallow in the day. You can feed dry food or canned food. Slow eating bowls is another method to slow down your Frenchie’s aggressive eating habit. Just like humans, eating too fast is not good for the digestive system.

3. 100% Canned Pumpkin. You can pick up canned pumpkin at your local supermarket. I’ve always added one spoonful to meals once a day to help with the digestive system and to solidify stools. I would suggest to stock the pantry. Frenchies love the taste too for some odd reason. 

4. Got milk? Say No to dairy. Be more aware of feeding scraps or treats with dairy in it. Sometimes the love for our Frenchies get the best of us and we subconsciously feed them food with it. If there is dairy in it, expect a surprise of inconsistent stools! ie diarrhea 

5. If your Frenchie continues to have stomach issues which are indicated by stool consistency. We suggest checking with your Frenchie’s veterinarian. There might be chances of serious medical or stomach issues, which might need care if your Frenchie suffers continuously from stomach problems that are long-lasting.