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7 simple tips to increase your Frenchie’s lifespan

Popular dog breeds include French bulldogs, usually referred to as Frenchies. These canines are not only loving, but also quite simple to handle.

It is simple to take care of them because of their modest size. Also, it helps explain why this breed lives longer than larger dogs.

Nonetheless, any carelessness or improper handling could reduce their longevity. Hence, in order to assist you lengthen the lives of your French bulldog, here are seven useful ideas.

How long do Frenchies live?

On average, a French bulldog lives up to 10 to 13 years. However, their exact lifespan depends on three factors including:

  • Genetics
  • Breeding
  • Lifestyle

While you can’t control genetics and breeding (especially if you’re keeping a French bulldog for the first time), you can influence the lifestyle you give your Frenchie. A good lifestyle that meets your French Bulldog’s natural needs will help you elongate your furry pal’s life.

Ensuring a healthy lifestyle in all domains is a subject of great detail.

But if you seek a quick guide, scroll down to read seven practical tips that can help you upgrade your French Bulldog’s lifestyle and increase its lifespan.

French Bulldog lifespan

Tip#1 Monitor your dog’s diet.
Frenchies are built stockily. They are therefore more prone to gaining weight. You must be extremely careful with their food because of this. Give them a diet strong in fiber, and refrain from feeding them too many treats that will make them gain weight. Keep in mind that if they gain too much weight, they may experience problems like obesity, soft bones, and heart problems.

Tip #2: Go to the vet frequently.
Make sure to bring your dog to a trusted veterinarian. You can look up the best veterinarians in your area online or ask friends for recommendations. To evaluate their effectiveness, read testimonials from their frequent clients.

You must take your puppy in for immunizations in the beginning. But as your dog matures, make sure you regularly bring them in for checks. It might enable you to spot any underlying or emerging problem that isn’t immediately apparent.

Tip #3 Employ organic cleaning products
French bulldogs are naturally curious dogs. So, using cleaning products that contain dangerous chemicals is bad. These chemicals could hurt your dog’s health if they lick them or breathe them in. So, you should either lock up all of your cleaning supplies in a cabinet. or permanently transition to organic foods.

Tip# 4 Spend time with them
A young French bulldog is pushed in a pram. Spend more time with your dog if you want your French bulldog to have a longer life. Your presence makes dogs happier than anything else. Thus, make it a priority to give your French bulldog lots of attention and affection. Research show that an affectionate upbringing increases the amount of happy hormones released and provides your dog a sense of fulfillment. As a result, they remain healthy and live longer thanks to your French bulldog.

Tip #5 Keep them hydrated
Dogs lose water every single day, much like we do. They can be losing more water if they are exercising vigorously. Your dog may become dehydrated and experience health problems if the used water is not replaced with fresher supplies. Hence, make sure your Frenchie drinks at least one ounce of water for every pound that they are.

Tip #6 Keep physical activity under control
Negative emotions and health problems are more likely to affect lazy pets. In general, dogs are playful. Decide on a routine for your French bulldog’s daily walks. Take him to dog parks or engage in some self-directed ball-fetching with him. Exercise keeps your dog physically and mentally active and keeps both of those systems healthy.

Tip #7 Get your dog spayed or neutered
When a dog is spayed or neutered, its reproductive organs are removed. There is surgery involved. According to studies, male neutered dogs lived 13.8% longer than non-neutered dogs. Female dogs who have been neutered live 26.3 percent longer. In the study, 70,000 people participated.

Last thoughts on extending the longevity of your French bulldog
Giving your French bulldog the care they need is the key to extending their life. Even if you lack the time and energy to go above and beyond, all you need to do is commit yourself to performing adequate maintenance; that will be plenty.