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Your French Bulldog Questions, Answered.Category: QuestionsHelp with our Frenchie grieving the loss of second dog
Rachel Steventon asked 5 years ago
Hi, 4 days ago we had to unexpectedly have our old Tyme bulldog put to sleep. It was devastating for us but our little Frenchie, Poppy, is really sad. We’re following all the advice to keep her in routine, loads of love and extra play time but the minute we stop she just goes and lies on her bed. We’ve moved her bed into our bedroom as they used to sleep together in the kitchen. We’ve also bought her a huge teddy to cuddle up to as Bentley was 7 stone of muscle so she’s missing his warmth too. I know she’ll adjust in time, she’s only 2 so has many more years of love but for the immediate future I don’t know how to help her. it’s breaking my heart watching her. ? thanks in advance for any help   Rachel

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FBTX answered 4 years ago
Yes give it time. Companionships are a big part of happiness for your dogs. Whenever you choose to make an addition of a French Bulldog, we would love to help you with that process. http://www.frenchbulldogtexas.com 

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