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Your French Bulldog Questions, Answered.Category: QuestionsIs it ok to feed my French Bulldog only people food?
Becky Shurbet asked 4 years ago
you My husband and I eat “VERY” healthy. When I got Lily (my French bulldog) a couple of years ago, she was a very picky eater and I had a hard time finding anything she would eat consistently. I read about feeding her what we eat (as long as it was super healthy) instead of feeding her dog food. I have done that since she was around 4 months old. Other than allergies she is very healthy. She is on the small size and weighs 20 lbs. I give her Salmon oil and a multivitamin. Every time I mention to someone that I feed Lily people food they look at me like I am abusing my dog. I love this dog like crazy and would never want to do anything that would hurt her. What are your thoughts about her eating healthy people food? I appreciate your time! Thank you!

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FBTX answered 4 years ago
Healthy human food is great! a source of raw protein and vegetables is what we recommend. We prefer raw because its packed with more nutrients which your Frenchie will absorb. So yes.. fresh and raw is always best. 

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