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Owning a French Bulldog comes with a high level of commitment. If you’re not prepared for what’s to come it can be a huge shock. You are bound to have seen all of those funny videos online of French Bulldogs acting all hyper and destructive, especially as puppies. But what’s the reality really like?

Are French bulldogs hyper? French Bulldogs can be very hyperactive as puppies and sometimes into adulthood too. They require a lot of stimulation and exercise in order to curb destructive behavior. Whilst they do sleep a lot, when awake they will require a lot of attention from their owners.

Our Own Personal Experience

We brought our first Frenchie home when he was around 9 weeks of age which is just about time to take a Frenchie puppy from his mother. Whilst we thought we knew what we were letting ourselves in for, nothing really prepared us for how high energy this breed can be. We were told that French Bulldogs were lazy and didn’t need a lot of exercises. Whilst it’s certainly true that they do sleep a lot, when they are awake it’s party time. In the rest of this guide, I’m going to explain how we got on, what we learned, when our Frenchie finally calmed down, and particularly how destructive French Bulldogs can be without the right care and attention.

How Hyper are French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs are a hyperactive breed and will run and run until they can run no more. They love to play and will act like clowns even until their adult life. In the first few months of owning our puppy meant we were constantly on our toes and having to put things out of reach that he wanted to chew and destroy. I would say that the puppy phase is, without doubt, the most hyperactive and destructive phase. Below you can see some examples of what we had to put up with and how we learned to cope within the first few months of ownership. If you’re specifically dealing with excessive chewing from your Frenchie, visit out our blog called How to Stop your Frenchie’s Excessive Chewing.

Are French Bulldogs Hyper as puppies?

Oh yes, French Bulldogs are hyper as puppies. During the puppy phase expect to have to deal with a lot of high energy and destructive habits. I would say that the first 10 months of a Frenchie puppy’s life are going to be the most hectic for you. Their senses are developing, the world is a great big adventure, and they will be testing their own limits… and yours!

Can French Bulldogs have ADHD?

French Bulldogs cannot have ADHD as a clinical disorder. However, there is such thing as hyperactivity in dogs which is medically known as hyperkinesis. To all intents and purposes though, this can be described as a canine form of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) but it’s not the same disorder that humans get.

Frenchies who display over-hyper behavior, are frenetic, have short attention spans and act on impulse can be given medication. Your Frenchie could be hyper due to a mix of their genes, training, and how well they were socialized. But what would make you think your French Bulldog had a form of canine ADHD in the first place? After all, many Frenchies are extremely excitable. Well, that’s for a veterinary professional to decide but if you do have a Frenchie with a short attention span and an inability to focus, it could be time to visit the vets.