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We know how hard it is to say goodbye to our loved ones, especially when they don’t have opposable thumbs to use Facetime. Two days without seeing that little squishy face!? How will you ever survive? 

If you’re fortunate enough to have a designated dog-sitter, you may want to reconsider. The rest of us last minute, spontaneous trip planners know that Frenchies are not always allowed to go along for the ride. We’ve combined a list for you of the best dog boarders and day cares in Austin, TX. Your Frenchie will feel like they are on vacation too!

Austin Pup Culture

Austin Pup Culture offers luxury boarding and daycare to French Bulldogs throughout the Austin Metro area with two locations. Austin Pup Culture’s professionals carefully designed each living area to resemble a home environment by including beds, glass doors, and decorations. Whether it is cuddles or active playtime they want, your Frenchie will be pampered. Accommodations for Frenchies include climate-controlled living, three outdoor breaks, lunch and dinner, daily health monitoring, and the administration of medication. Austin Pup Culture’s minimum age is three months, and all Frenchies six months or older must be spayed or neutered. 

Bed & Biscuit

Bed & Biscuit is a dog boarding and daycare facility for all surrounding Austin area dogs. Your Frenchie is welcome to stay overnight with special amenities including feeding, medication administration, and outside play, all free of charge. They also have quiet rooms to accommodate special needs for guests. If you’re interested in training classes, they offer day school as well. The hired dog specialists and trainers have all the tools and knowledge to make your Frenchie’s home away from home the best experience possible. They take time beforehand to get to know you and your Frenchie in order to make it the most comfortable transition. 

Austin Dogtown Boarding & Daycare

Dogtown offers 24/7 onsite care on the 5000 plus square feet of indoor and outdoor puppy space. Located in South Austin, they offer daycare, boarding, and grooming. They believe in letting dogs be dogs, which means your Frenchie can snore and fart all they want. The certified “Dogtowners” monitor a balance of playtime and rest, designating a specific crate for each dog or private room for special accommodations. By paying special attention to the personality and temperament of your Frenchie, they group dogs into different play groups. Your Frenchie will get safe socialization and have peaceful sleeps and meals.