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If you’re a cool Frenchie Mom/Dad, you’ve probably been looking for the hot spots to hang out that let your little pup tag along. We’ve got a list of the perfect places for you whether you’re hungry, need to relax, or ready to party. Oh, and of course they’ll serve you a bowl of fresh water on the side.

In the Mood for Food?


If you’ve never been, their lavash pizza and Vietnamese fries are a must try. The eclectic patio located in Montrose serves brunch on weekends and makes for a casual evening or date night with your pup or person.

Heights Bier Garten

With 94 beers on tap, you will most likely be craving a snack or two to accompany a fun afternoon at Heights Bier Garten. Fortunately, their menu is pub grub central. Your Frenchie will also find comfort in the big fans and hammocks in the yard.


The adult playground is the obvious choice to bring your Frenchie. The variety of rotating food trucks always hit the spot when you’re hungry. Not to mention their FROZEN cocktails. Talk about a good time.

Chill with the Locals

West Alabama Ice House

This place has been around for almost a century and dogs are a “permanent fixture” in the backyard. The lowkey vibe is the main reason there are so many regulars and good times. Looking to relax and listen to good music with your Frenchie, you found the right place.


Just in case your Frenchie is in tiptop shape and needs a huge yard to run wild, Underdogs is always a go to. “We don’t know which we love more: the constantly rotating selection of top-notch craft beers on draft,or the constantly rotating line-up of adorable dogs” – Houstoniamag.com


Best Wednesday steak night in Houston? You found it here in the heights! The expansive patio is a perfect hangout for chill nights but can easily get exciting with their craft cocktails.

Where’s the Pup-Party at?

Axel Rad

This is known as the community hang out, featuring food trucks and live music. The party in midtown will always be a hot spot, but don’t worry, you can cool down on the hammocks and drinks.

Little Woodrow’s

Located in Midtown, home of the turtle races and wiener dog races, you can never go wrong at Little Woodrow’s. They have a great happy hour and plenty of fun and games. Your pup will be just as entertained as you.

8thWonder Brewery

An EaDo main attraction, 8thWonder Brewery was inspired by the Astrodome. It’s a huge yard that contains a taproom and distillery. Don’t forget to let your Frenchie tag along for the FUR-mented fun!