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The hardest part about traveling with your Frenchie is probably making sure they are allowed in all the places you need to go. Choosing a hotel that is pet friendly is the most important decision you’ll have to make on the trip away from home. You want your Frenchie to sleep just as comfortable as you. A good night’s sleep will have both you and your Frenchie ready to take on the next day and have a productive vacation! Don’t worry, we’ve done the homework for you. Here is a list of the best Frenchie Friendly hotels in Austin. 

Aloft Hotel

The most modern style chain hotel now has 4 different locations in the Austin area. With over 90 pet-friendly Aloft Hotels in the US, you will have no problem experiencing one of the coolest hotel brands in the country. And we think your Frenchie will enjoy it, too. From live music appearances by touring bands, to the latest technology, to stunning interiors, always-open swimming pools (not to mention pool tables), you’ll never run out of things to do. Oh yeah, and they love dogs, too. They have a program called ARF or “Animals R Fun” in which they offer your pet an Aloft brand bed and bowl with complimentary treats and toys! Their stay is just as important as yours! The big question we have with Aloft is: What’s not to like? 

Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt 

Kimpton invites you to bring your Frenchie! The first full-service hotel company to welcome pets, Kimpton Hotels is located in downtown Austin. Not only is it Frenchie-friendly, but they charge NO pet fees or deposits. The best part about their pet policy? Their Director of Pet Relations will be there to welcome your Frenchie with a tail wag. This is a group of top quality canines who are possess a loving spirit, follow directions well and know when it’s appropriate to engage with a guest and when to give them space. If you’re lucky one will be on duty at your arrival. 

The Kimpton Hotel offers a bed, food/water bowls, mats, and courtesy bags for walking your Frenchie. Upon check-in, they provide a list of local pet-friendly bars, restaurants, groomers, and boutiques. You and your Frenchie will undoubtedly have the suite life.

Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol 

Sheraton is one of those brands that has been around for a long time (since 1937). To be successful for that long requires that they listened to their guests needs and requests and kept adapting with the changing tastes and times. It also requires understanding that hospitality, as a concept, comes down to a few basic rules that never change: namely providing a range of thoughtful small touches and grand gestures while always anticipating the needs of your guests. That’s why the minute you walk into this pet friendly Sheraton with your Frenchie, you’ll know you’re someplace special. Sheraton is also known as the official hotel of Major League Baseball. What’s more American than baseball and puppies? So hit the road now with your Frenchie and find the comfort and peace of mind that has been Sheraton’s hallmark for 80 years.