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Blue Frenchies

Blue Frenchies are the most popular color right now. Trending upwards for years now. The cost can be $3,000-$5,000 depending on quality and sex. Blue Frenchies carry two dilute genes in the D-locus “d/d”, which is a dilute of black. Imagine adding white paint to black paint and getting a grey color with a blue tint as you blend. This is the easiest way to explain the dilution. These Frenchies tend to have blue eyes as puppies and change to grey or amber gold as they age. Blue Frenchies can be brindle, sable, and fawn as well. Blue being the base color with pattern on top.

The Blue Frenchie Color Family includes the following colors & patterns:

  • Blue, solid blue base w/ very little white on face or feet
  • Blue Piebald, blue patches and body being predominantly white
  • Blue Brindle, blue with brindle stripes on top
  • Blue Sable, blue beige base with dark blue hair tips on coat, smokey haze appearance
  • Blue Fawn, fawn with a blue haze body, blue smokey mask on face
  • Blue/Tan, blue base with tan points, tan point eyebrows, cheek, and feet or “socks”
  • Blue/Tan Piebald, predominantly white body with blue patches along with tan point eyebrows, cheek and feet