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The terms “blue” and “lilac” are often used to describe coat colors in French Bulldogs. While both refer to specific coat shades, there are differences between a blue French Bulldog and a lilac French Bulldog:

Blue French Bulldog:

  • Coat Color: Blue French Bulldogs have a coat color that appears as a dilute form of black. It is often a bluish-gray color, hence the name “blue.” The blue color is the result of a dilution of the black pigment in the coat.
  • Gene Explanation: The blue color in French Bulldogs is caused by the presence of a recessive gene known as “d” (dilution). When a French Bulldog inherits two copies of the “d” gene (one from each parent), it results in a blue coat color.

Lilac French Bulldog:

  • Coat Color: Lilac French Bulldogs have a coat color that is a diluted version of chocolate. The coat appears as a pale, light brown with a grayish undertone, often described as a dilute shade of chocolate or lavender.
  • Gene Explanation: The lilac color in French Bulldogs is the result of a combination of the “d” (dilution) gene and the “bb” gene, which affects the production of brown pigment. The “bb” gene dilutes the chocolate color to create the lilac shade.

It’s important to note that coat colors in French Bulldogs can vary, and the terminology used to describe them can sometimes be subjective or vary between breeders. It’s always recommended to consult with a reputable breeder or a breed expert to understand the specific genetics and color variations in French Bulldogs.