Taking care of your French Bulldogs eyes involves daily cleaning of the gummy, dirt or hairs that make their eyes tear more than usual. It also helps prevent the brown dirt from forming in their eyes. You must also remember to keep the zone as dry as possible, so that the moisture that forms does not grow bacteria. There are different remedies to clean your dogs eyes. If used, just 5 minutes a day of cleaning will keep the health of his eyes. Besides, you can reward him for behaving so well when cleaning.

Tear Stains

These brown spots are produced by their own tears. The tears contain salt, iron and magnesium, and are the last two minerals which oxidize when in contact with air, causing that reddish/brown eyes effect on your french bulldog.

Humid Areas are Breeding Grounds for Bacteria and Fungi

Also, if your dog is prone to cry its eyes, moisture concentrated below the eye can attract bacteria and fungi and cause an infection. Commonly, if your french bulldog is allergic, his eyes will weep.
Why should you be concerned about French Bulldog’s eyes?

  • French Bulldog’s eyes are big and slightly protruded. That means they are easily injured!
  • Allergies, irritation, and infection are common threats to these beautiful black pearls.
  • These issues can develop bigger health problems, which can even lead to blindness!
  • Learn the proper eye cleaning technique to ensure that you do it safely at home. That way you can minimize the chances of French Bulldog eye problems, and you could potentially save yourself some extra trips to the vet. Let’s get started!

Bloodshot Eyes

Bloodshot eyes may be normal for a French Bulldog, but they can also be a sign of discomfort. Tears are also produced if there is discomfort. Allergies are the main cause, although other conditions may cause it, such as Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca and Distichiasis.Treatment: If allergies are the cause, you can start by trying to avoid the allergies. Diet changes, routine eye cleaning, and medicated drops from your vet can work to solve this. It’s hard to treat it during spring because of the abundance of allergenic agents, such as pollens and grass, so your vet is a wonderful source of advice.


This can be caused by environmental debris, such as dust, or something more serious, such as an object trapped under the eyelid, for example, a grass seed.

Treatment: For dust, you can quickly treat this at home with eye rinse and eye cleaner. Applying daily eye lubricant if dust cannot be avoided, will help provide your French Bulldog’s eyes from becoming uncomfortable. If it is severe, you should visit your vet to check for something stuck.

Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca

This is otherwise known as ‘Dry Eye’. It is when the eyes are not producing enough tears and become very dry. This is common in French Bulldogs as their eyes dry out very easily due to being protruded. It can be dangerous, as when the eye becomes very dry, it leads to ulceration of the outer layer of the eye, the cornea, which is extremely uncomfortable and can affect vision.