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Let’s talk allergies. Not all of us are prone to them, but when the pollen count rises it can cause itchy, watery eyes, nose, and a scratchy throat. Your French Bulldog can mimic the exact same allergy symptoms as you! It’s no fun for either of us. Frenchie’s can also have other symptoms that we humans do not obtain. 

French Bulldog Allergy Symptoms

My Frenchie will typically get the run of the mill watery eyes and nose, but she also has an odd and additional symptom. She gets small bumps under her skin and her paws get very itchy. She will lick them to alleviate the itch, and in doing so she inflames her paws more. No fear, there are safe ways to soothe your French Bulldogs symptoms! 

three french bulldog puppies sitting together

Allergy Remedies for your Frenchie

Frenchie’s are prone to allergies. Thankfully, they are resilient little creatures and the right remedies will get them back on track. A great go to is Benadryl. It may make your furry friend a tad drowsy, but it will vanish the itchiness and clear up nearly all symptoms. Make sure you give the proper dosage. My Frenchie is 3 years old weighing 23 pounds, and I give her half of an adult Benadryl. Knocks the allergies right out! 

Natural Allergy Relief Remedies for your Frenchie

There are more natural relief cures as well. I am all about home remedy concoctions and most of you probably have Apple Cider Vinegar in your household. Simply combine 50% water and 50% Apple Cider Vinegar in a spray bottle, then spray your Frenchie’s itchy spots with the solution. If their paws are extra irritated, you can use the mixture for a relaxing paw soak for up to five minutes. 

cream french bulldog sitting in dog bed

Lastly, keeping your French Bulldog well-groomed will also help. If they are running around in the backyard and presenting intense allergies, then it’s best to keep them inside as much as possible. Giving them a nice bath or rinse after a play in the great outdoors can help control / maintain the amount of dander that attaches to your Frenchies’s fur. 

Allergies are more than likely going to always be a part of your Frenchie’s life. These simple tips will help you and your beloved French Bulldog keep the symptoms under control!