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For starters… what is a flight nanny? 

Flight Nanny’s will pickup your French Bulldog from Breeder/owner and fly him/her to you in a soft-sided carrier and travel in-cabin with the Flight Nanny on the airplane, and will not leave their side until the destination is reached and your new puppy is united with the owner. For a fee we take care of all booking for flights and the pet carrier. 

Prepping for Travel

  •  French Bulldogs get a bath and all cleaned up when picked up from breeder or owner 
  • Will send text to introduce and send  flight details to make meeting arrangements quick and easy
  • Provide a blanket with familiar scent on it and/or a familiar toy 
  • Provide a small bag of dry food for the pet
  • Health Certificate & Shot Records 

Travel Requirements 

French Bulldogs must be at least 8wks of age to fly with a Flight Nanny in cabin.  All Puppies will need to fit comfortably into a pet carrier.  The flying pet nanny assigned to your flight will provide a sanitized airline approved pet carrier for the trip. Your pet will have vaccination records to fly in cabin with a dedicated pet flight nanny. Southwest and Delta have been the most pet friendly especially through the pandemic and travel restrictions. 

During Travel 

The puppy with stay with the flight nanny the whole time in airline cabin. Making your French Bulldog not only comfortable but also at ease with a familiar face. 

Your scheduled flight nanny will meet you at the scheduled pickup time provided in their pre travel arrangements to pass over your new fur baby and all his paper work! 

Contact French Bulldog Texas, they have the flight nanny service and are highly recommended when it comes to trusting someone with your new French Bulldog and travel arrangements.