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French Bulldog Puppies in Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels should be renamed the city of French Bulldogs! Los Angeles, California is home to the biggest population of French Bulldogs in America. What’s even crazier is that some California residents prefer our French Bulldog puppies from Houston, Texas! 

Our Process in Los Angeles, California

We receive more inquiries for our puppies from California than any other city. I think its safe to say that we have the Best Frenchie in the World! Once, you’ve made your initial deposit to reserve your French Bulldog puppy.

Next, your French Bulldog puppy will make its final visit to our veterinarian for a health certificate. Once health certificate is completed, we will coordinate delivery. You have two delivery options, either to fly to Houston to pick up to receive $500 discount on purchase price or book one of our flight nannies. Flight nanny fee is $800. Our flight nanny will hand deliver your French Bulldog puppy at baggage claim in Los Angeles. The puppy will be in cabin and under supervision during travel time.

Delivery date with flight nanny is usually 7-10 days after the initial deposit of your French Bulldog puppy. Upon delivery, we will provide hard copy of health certificate, vaccination records, and a small amount of dog food. We look forward to servicing Los Angeles residents and contribute the best French Bulldogs in the City of Angels! 

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