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Are French Bulldogs Tails Cut OFF?

If you own a frenchie, I’m sure you have been asked a couple times “what happened to his tail”. The most striking feature of a French bulldog is its short tail that makes it all the more adorable. Most people often wonder if the bulldog’s short tail is cut off or docked.

A French bulldog tail is naturally short – Remember that. Baby they are born with it! 

The tails are not cut off or docked. Frenchies are born with short and stumpy tails. For this reason, their tails are now naturally short because they have been bred with short-tailed dogs over the years. The shape can vary though; some tail can be short or some can be crooked. All Frenchies are born with different tail lengths; some tails can be a little longer than others. There are different types of French bulldog tails. They are straight and low, twisted and low and thick root with a slimmer end.

Keeping that tail pocket squeaky clean. 

When you bring home these French bulldogs, dog owners need to be aware of the health problems these short tails can bring. Frenchies usually experience different health problems with their tails and tail pockets.

A tail pocket is a wrinkle below the tail and above the rectum. All Frenchies may not have tail pockets. Because of this wrinkle, the tail pocket cannot be cleaned easily like other parts of the skin. Dirt and bacteria can accumulate in between the wrinkle folds, causing severe infections. Once it is infected, symptoms can include swelling, pus formation, severe itchy skin, and foul smell. Such infections can be very painful and life-threatening for your Frenchie. So, they should be treated immediately by a veterinarian with an antibiotic course. To avoid any infection, always keep the tail pocket clean and dry. Use mild baby wipes to clean the tail pockets and dry them with a soft and clean cloth. Tail pockets need to be cleaned regularly to keep it infection-free.