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Yes, owning a Frenchie is a HUGE responsibility and should be prepped out to have it the beat experience for your first night! Whether you’re a first timer with your pup or a repeat offender in Frenchie 101 keep reading to find out your first night agenda. 
In this blog I will help you navigate through the first day you bring your French Bulldog pup home. I’m going to share this with you today with a timeline of a French Bulldog’s first day at home, followed by their first night, and then what else to expect. 
French Bulldog puppies are not just adorable, but they also popular for their friendly, affectionate, and obedient animals. If you want to have a beautiful French Bulldog puppy to include in your family, then you should know how to make spending first night at a different place comfortably.  Though you will be excited to bring the new puppy home, it will also be a stress-full task. So it is important to make the first few nights at home as comfortable as possible and also make it stress-free for you and your new French Bulldog puppy.

French Bulldog puppies for sale in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston Texas.

French Bulldog puppies for sale in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston Texas.

Get Their Crate Ready 

In the first few nights, your French Bulldog puppy will whine and cry during their stay at their new home. This is reasonable as they are away from the mom and siblings for the first time. When bringing your French Bulldog Puppy home, be prepared for this situation, and also understand that it is going to happen. Prepare their crate by placing a soft blanket and put the crate close to your bed or in any close by room for the first few nights.Most breeders will give you a soft blanket or toy that smells like its siblings and make sure to place this toy or blanket in their crate at night to make the puppy feel comfortable and cozy.. Also, you may cover the crate to make it nice and dark. Playing classical music or white noise machine that can help your puppy feel calm and it gets better sleep on its first night at home.

Spend A Lot of Time Together

If you want to get close to your puppy and build that bond then it is important to spend quality time with your puppy as much as possible, especially when you bring a new puppy home for the first time. If you work for long hours, then try to get your puppy during the long weekend or take a few days off from work when you get a new puppy home.  The main point is to spend a lot of time with the puppy so that you can get to know each other and get connected with each other. The new puppy connects with you with your hugs, kisses, toys, food, and other fun and happy associations.

Start Potty Training Immediately

Start potty training your French Bulldog  once you bring it to your home. Let your Frenchie explore your yard and get used to the smells and environment. It will be very hard to break the habit if you allow your dog to do its business inside the home.  Make it a point for  your dog to go out when it needs to go, and bring it our often and tell your dog to go potty, and once it has done the job, praise him for its good behavior and so lot of affection. French Bulldog puppies are quick learners and they will soon understand the potty rules. I would say every 2 hours and maintain water intake after dinner and before bed to prevent accidents in the crate. Check out our blog on puppy potty training.