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Are French Bulldogs good with children 8 years old and up? 
AnsweredFBTX answered 12 months ago • 
139 views1 answers0 votes
Do you have any current puppies?
AnsweredFBTX answered 1 year ago
196 views1 answers0 votes
AnsweredGloria wright answered 1 year ago • 
502 views2 answers0 votes
Help with our Frenchie grieving the loss of second dog
AnsweredFBTX answered 1 year ago • 
177 views1 answers0 votes
My french bulldog makes a lot of noises. Should I be worried!?
AnsweredFBTX answered 1 year ago • 
200 views1 answers0 votes
What to do if frenchies are aggressive towards kids …
AnsweredFBTX answered 1 year ago • 
170 views1 answers0 votes
Wanted to know if french bulldogs are bigger size?
AnsweredFBTX answered 1 year ago • 
166 views1 answers0 votes
How much does a grey merle French Bulldog cost?
OpenFrench Bulldog Texas answered 1 year ago • 
155 views1 answers0 votes

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