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The French Bulldog is a lovable and bite-sized companion, renowned for their friendly and charming dispositions. As they are easy to train and easy to care for, the French Bulldog makes a great pet for the young, the old, the first time dog owner, or the seasoned professional. The French Bulldog is also a great pet for both city dwellers and suburbanites. Surprisingly, this friendly pup even makes a great guard dog, as these little companion dogs are incredibly loyal to their families and great with children. The French Bulldog is the perfect companion for just about anyone!

Whether you own a French Bulldog already or are in the market for a new puppy, you might be wondering just how to care for your dog. The great news is that French Bulldogs are fairly low maintenance animals who prefer long days spent lazing on the couch or romping around the home with family members.

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While they do require daily exercise to keep them trim and healthy, French Bulldogs will thrive simply after receiving twenty minutes of play or exercise a day. No long walks around the block or large green spaces are required to meet the needs of your Frenchie.

In addition, another great reason to consider making a French Bulldog a member of your home is the relative ease of grooming these animals. Unlike the furry Golden Retriever or the quirky Poodle, French Bulldogs do not require labor-intensive and expensive grooming sessions or hair cuts.

Of course, you can always leave the maintenance and care of your dog’s coat, teeth, and nails to a professional groomer, but most dog owners should be able to manage the needs of their Frenchies just fine.

So if you’re looking to groom your French Bulldog all on your own here are some things you should remember…

Do I need to cut my French Bulldog’s hair?

No you do not. If you want a low maintenance dog, the French Bulldog is the way to go. Your dog’s sleek, glossy coat does not require regular hair cuts though it still does require regular brushing. Shedding tends to be minimal.

So how do I groom my Frenchie?

With their short coats, one might assume that French Bulldogs do not require regular bathing and brushing sessions. Like all dogs though, French Bulldogs need regular grooming to keep their skin healthy and their fur shiny and clean. According to Espree Animal Products, French Bulldogs can be brushed and bathed as often as “every week up to no more than every six weeks, depending on his lifestyle.” In other words, if your French Bulldog is a playful little fellow who loves to romp around in the grass and dirt or goes swimming, it may be a good idea to bathe him more frequently.

How do I bathe my Frenchie at home?

You’ll first need to find somewhere to bathe your dog. The good news is that the relatively small size of the French Bulldog means that you can bathe them in the sink or the tub. You might even decide to make the drive to a self-service grooming station for your dog.

Wherever you choose to bath them, make sure they are comfortable. If bath time makes your pup nervous, bring along plenty of treats or give them a calming supplement prior to bath time to keep them calm.

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Before bathing your Frenchie, brush out their fur or use a low-velocity dryer to remove or loosen dirt and dander. According to DogTime, brushing will remove mats that hold water, which can irritate the skin.

To keep water out of your Frenchie’s ears while bathing, place a cotton ball in each one.

You’ll also want to be sure to keep the water lukewarm as “hot water can burn dogs more easily” (DogTime).

Finally, use dog-safe shampoo, conditioner, or sprays when bathing and grooming your dog. If your French Bulldog has sensitive skin or allergies, common conditions in the breed, use a hypoallergenic shampoo. Work the shampoo into a thorough lather all over while avoiding the eyes. When you’re finished, rinse your dog well as any soap left on can irritate the skin.

Are there any special considerations to be made when grooming a Frenchie?

Of course, French Bulldogs are a unique breed with their own unique set of needs. In order to make the most out of bath time, be sure to pay special attention to the wrinkled facial area on your Frenchie. According to Espree, in order to maintain good hygiene, it is important to use a facial cleanser or scrub to clean the entire area around the face. If you do not clean them well, the bacteria that collects in the wrinkles can lead to a bad odor or infection.

When you are finished cleaning the area around the face, be sure to dry the wrinkles and folds. You can also choose to apply talcum powder to keep the skin dry.

Another thing you might want to keep in mind if you happen to have a light-colored Frenchie, such as a fawn-colored Frenchie, is that they may have tearstains. To remove them, apply a tear stain remover to the affected area. To keep the stains from getting too dark and difficult to remove, use the tear stain remover regularly.

What else is important when grooming your Frenchie?

Grooming your dog entails much more than just a proper bath and a good thorough brushing from time to time. Grooming your Frenchie also require that you cleanse their ears, trim their nails, and brush their teeth. A full groom may even entail a trip to the groomer or your veterinary office to have their anal glands expressed.

Taking care of your dog’s nails, teeth, and ears ensures that they are healthy and comfortable. Infected or dirty ears can be bothersome as can long, untrimmed nails that make walking difficult or painful. Finally, poor dental hygiene can lead to poor health outcomes down the road. Believe it or not, conditions such as gingivitis or gum disease can cause organ failure or even death.

How to trim your French Bulldog’s nails.

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Your French Bulldog’s nails should be trimmed every four to eight weeks. Before you begin, make sure your dog is comfortable with you handling their paws as nail trims can make many dogs nervous. To combat this, spend plenty of time handling their paws when they are young to get them accustomed to the sensations of nail trims.

When trimming your dog’s nails, avoid the quick, which is the pink part of the nail where the blood flows. If your dog has black nails, you may be more comfortable taking them to an experienced professional.

When trimming the nail, hold the foot steady. Using a pair of nail trimmers, snip off the tip one by one. If your dog requires breaks between nails or paws to keep calm, that’s okay.

If you choose to use a Dremel or grinder instead, the process will be very similar.

How to clean your Frenchie’s ears.

Your Frenchie’s ears should be cleaned at least once a month as well. To clean the ears, use a warm, damp cloth and wipe around the outer ear. Take extra caution when cleaning the sensitive inner ear. You can use a cloth or cotton ball with oil or store-bought cleaner specifically designed for the ear. Be sure to never use cotton swabs when cleaning the inner ear as this can cause damage. Finally, if you aren’t comfortable trimming or dremeling your dog’s nails, have a vet or groomer care for them.

How to clean your dog’s teeth.

Teeth should be brushed at least one time a week with a dog-safe toothpaste, though the more often, the better. Do not use human toothpaste as these products often have ingredients that are harmful to your dog. Additionally, you’ll want to use a toothbrush specifically designed for dogs or a child’s toothbrush with soft bristles.

When brushing your Frenchie’s teeth, first introduce them to the paste by giving them a small sample. Lift the lip and gently brush all over.

Ideally, you also want to have your French Bulldog’s teeth professionally cleaned once a year by a veterinarian.

Are there any other ways I can help to properly maintain my Frenchie’s coat?

Besides regular bathing and brushing, keep your dog’s coat looking as healthy and shiny as possible by providing proper nutrition in the form of a well-balanced diet. You can even incorporate skin and coat supplements such as fish or flaxseed oil which contain Omega-3’s.

Now you know how to perfectly bath and groom your French Bulldog. Whether you decide to do it yourself or take your pup to a professional groomer to get the job done, you’ll know just what they require to stay happy, healthy, and looking great!