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You just bought a new Frenchie into your family! After making sure your French Bulldog has had all vaccinations a next important step is to have your puppy interact with others. Not only does this help socialize your pup, but it can have a huge effect on how he grows up to be… not skiddish, gets along with other dogs, it can really change the overall behavior. 
French Bulldogs owners in Houston, TX have built rich, canine-loving communities organized by Frenchie meet ups at parks, neighborhood homes and even doggy day care rent outs. They use these groups to share information and plan, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of their Frenchie and Frenchie lovers throughout the city. Whether you’re in need of advice, have questions, or want to make new dog pals, these groups are a great resource with which to be involved. Here’s one Frenchie group and a checklist for your first Frenchie meet up.


Houston Area French Bulldog Facebook Groups


Dog Park Meetups

Dog parks are a great place to socialize and exercise your Frenchie. They benefit both dog owners and people in the neighborhood, since a happy, well-socialized dog is always a better member of the community. 

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Meet Up Essentials

If you’re going to a dog park, or someone’s home, be sure to double check these essential items for your Frenchie.

1. Water Bowl and Water Always have plenty of water on hand for both you and your dog.  On hot days, remember to take breaks from playing to offer your pup a drink. Travel bowls are awesome for these frenchie activites. I recommend a collapsable one. 

2. Doggie Waste Bags Don’t forget to bring your own dog waste bag in case the park supplied bags run out.   Always clean up after your pet to avoid spreading disease.  

3. Collar with Identification Tags All dogs should have an identification tag in case they escape from the fenced in area.  You can also consider a bark collar. Choose the best bark collar that fits your dog’s size and temperament. In addition to an id tag, make sure you have your rabies and dog license on you in case you are asked for it.

4. Leash All dogs should be on a leash until they enter the dog park area. However, trying to take your dog’s leash off while they are excited to run and play can be a challenge.

5. Treats Keep your dog’s favorite treats handy to entice them to come to you quickly when needed.

6. Towel Almost every dog park in Houston has some type of pool or water area. Always have a towel in your car or on hand to avoid messy situations. 

7. Cell Phone Always have your cell phone with you. Emergency’s happen when you least expect, so always be prepared.

The best thing about being a part of the Houston Area French Bulldog group is your frenchies gets to make friends and keep them. Meeting monthly is great for your French Bulldog to get exercise as well as socalization, which helps with your babies temperment and all around happiness. It’s great for the owners as well. Birds of a feather flock together, this is DEFINITELY true for Frenchies.

French Bulldog puppies for sale in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston Texas.