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Owning a dog is a big decision because you are bringing home not just a pet but an addition to your family.  Dogs generally are quite different than one another based on their breed, background, and unique details of their general build-up.

The most famous lap dog breeds are the French bulldog and pugs. Although they look a lot similar there are quite a lot of dissimilarities between them. We shall be stating the differences between a French Bulldog and a Pug:

1. History
Every animal has a background story of its roots and these two species are not left out.
– French Bulldogs
Frenchies are cross-bred between English bulldogs and French ratters. They have been in existence since 1800 as attack dogs before they were banned. Its roots can be traced to the Greek tribes.
– Pugs
Unlike French bulldogs, Pugs originated from the Chinese kingdom and were used as gifts to royalties since they are lap dogs.

 2. Features
Although they are brachycephalic breeds, they both possess distinct dissimilarity.
–  French Bulldogs
Frenchies are heavier with a more muscular body, a short snout, minimal tail which is either straight or screwed and sits low on the rectum, bug eyes, distinctive “bat” ears, and short nose with broader nostrils. They come in different colors such as brindle, cream, fawn, and white.
–  Pugs
Pugs have a rounder body, flat round heads with round bulgy eyes and deep wrinkles, a short snout, weigh less with a small, tightly curled tail. Unlike Frenchies, pugs have floppy ears that are less pronounced with a velvet kind of touch. Pugs have small, tightly curled tails. They come in two colours: black or fawn.
3. Coat
They both have fine, shiny coat with a bit of distinct feature:
– French Bulldogs
Frenchies have short coats with chances of less odor and they shed minimally.
– Pugs
They are double-coated and they shed a lot most especially during summer. They can overheat in warm periods as a result of their short muzzle.
4. Adaptability and Training
Both dogs can adapt to any environment very easily and are willing to obey your instructions during training. The common difference between them are:
– French bulldogs
Frenchies are more receptive when it comes to meeting new people in an environment. They can adapt easily. When it comes to training, Frenchies can be quite bullish and stubborn but if trained properly they can grow to become very protective of their owners and children as well.
– Pugs
Pugs are fun-loving and easy-going, little wonder they got the name “comedians of the dog world” because they please their owners with constant entertainment and cuddle. They are highly receptive when it comes to playing with little children. They can be stubborn and difficult to train, so it is best to train them during their initial months as a pup.
5.  Life Span
Unfortunately, they cannot live forever.
– French Bulldog
The average lifespan of a Frenchie is 10 years.
– Pugs
The lifespan of a Pug is between 12-15 years
Essentially, Pugs and Frenchies are cool breeds that give you that companionship you have always wanted. They are low maintenance dogs and because of their friendly nature, it is highly recommended that you bring them home as an addition to the family and not a mere dog. They also share a lot of similarities, which is why a lot of people mistake a Frenchie for a Pug or a Pug for a Frenchie.