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Lifespan of a French Bulldog

Frenchie’s are wonderful companions to have by your side. When considering this particular breed, it is important to factor in their life span. They do have a shorter life expectancy than other breeds due to their sensitivity to heat, skull structure, and body shape.

So how long do they live?

On average, French Bulldogs live between 9 and 12 years old. Other reports indicate that these loving pups can live to be more than 14 years old. Their life span is affected by many factors. Frenchie’s are considered to be more vulnerable to multiple health issues and concerns.

Diarrhea, ear infections, skin dermatitis, and the diagnosis of respiratory tract disorders are a direct result of their flat faces (brachycephalic structure). French Bulldogs also have trouble breathing which leads to snoring, heavy panting, and sleep apnea.
Anxiety and stress are also attributed to their years here with us. Some research suggests the sex of your French Bulldog plays a role, but other studies say the exact opposite.

Keep Your Frenchie Cool

As previously discussed, French Bulldogs have trouble regulating their body temperature. This is because French Bulldogs’ flat faces do not create enough surface area in their mouth to achieve cooling off at a quick rate.
During hotter seasons and it’s important to monitor their behavior and exposure to heat. Many Frenchie’s can suddenly die because of overheating during exercise or extremely hot temperatures.

French Bulldogs Can Lead a Long and Happy Life

When adopting, make sure you are selecting your Frenchie from an upstanding breeder. There are health tests that can be conducted on the parents to ensure certain vulnerabilities are not going to be passed along to their offspring. Keeping your Frenchie loved, well fed, and taking into consideration their sensitivities will all factor in to a long and happy life. They are sensitive little animals, but they are extremely capable of giving you lots of years together.

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