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French Bulldogs are known to have delicate eye tissue, so it is imperative that maximum care is exercised when giving them their daily cleaning. Applying too much pressure to the eyes while cleaning can cause damage, so it is important to use a light hand throughout the process.   

The cleaning process itself is pretty simple! Eye wipes are the most convenient cleaning tool (make sure these wipes are specially formulated for your Frenchie’s eyes before using!) . However, cool boiled water  on a cotton ball also works well! 

Now that you have your cleaning tools, let’s get started!



Don’t forget to reward your friend when you’re finished! Give your Frenchie a special treat and praise their good behavior to make future cleanings easier. 

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Also, checkout this post for more information on the benefits of probiotics for your Frenchie!: https://frenchbulldogtexas.com/french-bulldog-probiotics/?preview_id=229846&preview_nonce=eaf36467d2&preview=true&_thumbnail_id=229868


How to Clean your Frenchie’s Eyes

  • Firstly, make sure that your pup is calm. Your French Bulldog may become agitated during the cleaning process due to being held still and to having his eyes being touched. This can cause him to thrash around in annoyance. To ensure that he feels safe, place him on a nice blanket or towel and have someone help you get him comfortable. 
  • Sit down with your French Bulldog and place him on your lap. You can also put him on top of a counter if it is safe. That way you will have easy access to his face.
  • Open your French Bulldog’s eyelids gently with your hands. You must ensure that your hands are completely clean and free from irritants/substances. Dirty/Contaminated hands may irritate your French Bulldog’s eyes causing him to become restless- thus making the cleaning experience traumatic for him.  
  • Add a few drops of a sterile saline solution or distilled water
  • Let your dog go. Once you’re finished, put your Frenchie down, giving her/him a minute to blink

 If you notice that your  French Bulldog is excessively blinking, crying tears, or rubbing his eyes after cleaning, this could be a sign of irritation. Please take your pup to a vet to have these symptoms checked out.


Pro Tips for Cleaning your French Bulldog’s Eyes

  • Try to implement a regular eye cleaning schedule into your Frenchie’s routine during the puppy stage. That way, your dog will become fully accustomed to the process and will be more cooperative as an adult.
  •  Clean your French Bulldog’s eyes at least once a day to minimize discomfort. Cleaning twice a day is optimum! 
  • Pay attention to each cleaning routine so you can  note any changes to the eyes. This can save your Frenchie’s eyes from problems developing further.