Since French Bulldogs’ eyes are quite delicate, you must pay extra attention to them and include cleaning into your daily routine. You must be careful though, since you can cause also cause damage to the eyes if done too firmly. Other than the extra caution while cleaning French Bulldog’s eyes, this is a simple process. Get what you need! Most of the time wipes for eyes are enough, especially if you’re using recommended wipes for eyes. You can also use cooled boiled water on a cotton ball, but wipes are the best choice.

  1. Clean the eye carefully: Softly and slowly, wipe through the outer areas of the eye, removing debris, eye sleep, and other contaminants. Pay good attention to the inner corner of the eye where discharge and tears most commonly run.

*** Reward your friend! Give her/him a treat for French Bulldogs and praise good behavior! This will help you train him and make it a positive experience for

Pro Tips for Cleaning your French Bulldog’s Eyes

Start cleaning your French Bulldog’s eyes since she/he is a puppy.  That way he will become accustomed to the cleaning process.

  • To keep your French Bulldog’s eyes from any discomfort, you must clean his eyes every day at least once a day. Twice is optimum.
  • You must avoid rough playing with him!
  • Do not use spray substances around your French Bulldog.
  • Pay attention to each cleaning routine so you can note changes in his eyes. This can save her/his eyes from problems developing further. 
  1. Firstly, calm down your pup. Your French Bulldog may become very upset when something is bugging him as this is an annoying experience for him (and also for humans as well!) place him on a nice blanket or towel and have someone help you get him comfortable. 
  2. Sit down with your French Bulldog and place him on your lap. You can also put him on top of a counter if it is safer, that way you will have more access to his face.
  3. Open your French Bulldog’s eyelids gently with your hands. You must ensure your hands are completely clean and without irritants or substances on them. This may irritate your French Bulldog more and he needs to be calm for this or an accident can happen.
  4. Add a few drops of a sterile saline solution or distilled water. You can easily find these items on our selection of first aid kits!
  5. Let your dog go giving her/him a minute to blink.
  • If your French Bulldog’s eyes still seem irritated, which you will notice by excessive blinking, tears or rubbing his eyes, take him immediately to your vet to be checked out.