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Dogs are not the kind of creatures that enjoy living alone. They are pack animals and will constantly feel the need to be with their pack. Because we are talking about the modern dog, its pack became its owner and the family that took the dog in. So, there isn’t a dog that enjoys being separated for too long from its family.

French Bulldog resting on couch

Frenchie’s do not make an exception from this rule, being a breed that is prone to developing separation anxiety, due to its affectionate and playful temperament. This is a matter that can be very harmful to the dog and destructive for your home. Thus, you need to know how you can help your Frenchie deal with those moments when it will be left home alone.

Separation anxiety in your French Bulldog can come out in many forms. The absence of you, the pack leader, can cause these traits to come out. Urinating, destroying furniture, ripping up clothes / shoes, or even going number two are all signs your pup is under stress.

So, what to do? There are several options I want to highlight! Try out a few and see what works best for you and your Frenchie.

First, put your Frenchie in a play pin filled with toys and a bone or two. Turn on the tv, YouTube has certain channels that are literally made to relax, distract, and calm your pup. This will keep them in a closed environment filled with things to do and watch. After they have regained your trust and the stress dissipates, test the waters and let them roam free in your household once again.

Secondly, consider daycare options. There are fabulous daycares for your Frenchie all over the place, just be sure to do your research to find the right one! Another daycare option is “grandparents”. If you live near relatives or family members who no longer work or work from home, this could be an option. My parents love watching my Frenchie because they both no longer work. She is showered with love and attention all day long!

Lastly, instead of having your French bulldog sit right next to you on the couch, have them sit on the floor next to the sofa. Pet your Frenchie less frequently which will make petting more of a reward and reduce the over-indulgence that they will miss when you are gone. Give you and your dog some “alone time” when you are home.

These are a few tips of reducing separation anxiety in French Bulldog’s. This issue can and will go away with time. It’s basically caused by an over-indulgence in attention you give your pup which promotes a deeper dependency on you. If you are raising a new puppy, I encourage you to start with the “alone time” because it will more than likely lead to a Frenchie free from anxiety!