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We all know and love the bat-ears that French Bulldog’s posses. They are a quirky unique trait to the beloved breed. Keeping your Frenchie’s ears nice and clean is very important. Their bat-ears are very cute, but they do catch a lot of dirt. 

It’s nearly impossible for your French Bulldogs ears not to get dirty. Just like we often clean our ears out with a Q-Tip, our French Bulldogs need the same attention. Dirt and grime can lead to ear infections, excessive wax, and build up. 

Thankfully, it’s very easy to see if your Frenchie’s ears are dirty. The process of cleaning them out is very simple! 

DO NOT USE A Q-TIP: this could cause damage in the inner canal. 

Many ear cleaners are available at your local pet store or your vet. All you need is a solution and a cotton ball. 

1. Soak a cotton ball in the solution

2. Place a cotton ball in your Frenchie’s ear and fold their ear over the top

3. Gently massage the cotton ball around then remove

4. Let your Frenchie shake his/her head after, this helps drudge up any dirt that was trapped deep down

5. Repeat on each ear. I usually perform this twice on each ear depending on how dirty my French Bulldogs ears are. 

6. Lastly, take a dry cotton ball and wipe it around your Frenchie’s ears to remove any loose dirt and to dry!