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Congratulations! You just brought a new member into your home, a puppy French Bulldog. Your furry addition will bring the utmost joy to you, family, and friends. Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Your pup, known for their giant bat ears, has floppy ears. We are going to talk all about how to make your Frenchie’s ears stand up and stay up! 

Think of your Frenchie’s ears as a baby tree. Sometimes, they need a little support until they are strong and ready to stand on their own! First, take a straw and cut it so it fits nicely in your pups’ ear without irritation. After placing the straw in the inside middle of your pups’ ear, grab painters’ tape and wrap it around the entire ear. Your Frenchie’s ear will look somewhat like a taco. Leave the ear(s) like this for 3 days then gently remove!

fawn frenchie sitting looking at camera one ear up

That is a quick fix for assisting your pups’ ears in standing up quickly. French Bulldogs’ floppy ears are never permanent. Typically, after 3 months, your pups’ ears will be fully erect! A lesser percentage develops their perky ears at the age of 7-8 months. So no worries! Your Frenchie will either be born with or eventually will be sporting large erect ears! 

white and cream french bulldogs with with black ears