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Routine ear cleaning is an important step in your Frenchie’s care. You can reduce excessive wax buildup and detect potential ear infections before they turn into major problems.

The first step to take in order to properly clean your frenchie’s ears is to gently wipe away any excess dirt around the ear canal and the ear flap.

Next, hold the ear flap and instill the appropriate ear cleansing solution. Fill up the ear canal till it’s overflowing and gently massage the base of the ear. You will hear a squishing sound as you work the cleaner into the ear. Add more wash as needed. Do this for about 30 seconds and once this step is complete, stand back! Your pet will shake its head wildly, sending any debris airborn all around, so you may want to clean the ears outdoors


The next step is to take a cottonball or cottonpad and wipe away any debris present from the ear canal. You may use a cottonswab to clean out the crevices of the ear provided that your pet is still enough to allow you to do this.

If unsure how to clean your Frenchie’s ears, your veterinarian may be able to demonstrate the procedure for you. Also, if you notice any redness, odor, discharge, excessive shaking of your dog’s head, or excessive scratching at their ears, have them examined by their vet.

How often should you clean your frenchie ears? That depends on several factors such as age, breed, activity level, and how much ear wax is produced. Your veterinarian may also recommend an ear cleaning schedule for you to adhere to.

Now you know how to clean your frenchie’s  ears. What are you waiting for? Get cleaning!