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Dallas has pup friendly bars and restaurants all over. One place in particular even has an entire dog park where your Frenchie can comfortably roam free or play a game of fetch. Whether it’s the patio or park, you and your French Bulldog are in for a treat. 

Truck Yard 

5624 Sears Street, Dallas, Texas 

Truck yard is a casual beer garden and great for the whole family. They have a variety of food trucks to choose from and your Frenchie will be served a bowl of water with plenty of treats. Their large outdoor patio has picnic tables, multiple bar areas, and plenty of sites to see. 

Mutts Canine Cantina 

2889 CityPlace West Blvd., Dallas

5317 Clearfork Main St., Fort Worth. 

This unique Cantina is a dog park first, restaurant second. Many places have on-leash, patio only requirements of your French Bulldog. Here, there are two off-leash dog parks (big and small breeds) where your Frenchie can roam around freely. They have a full menu inside, ensuring quick service so you can get back to playing fetch. 

Hot Off the Press

1920 Main St., inside Main Street Garden, Dallas

Nestled inside of the Main Street Garden, this food stand is the perfect place to take your French Bulldog. Picnic tables are all around and there is easy access to a dog park. Your Frenchie will thank you for a fun day outdoors. 

Trinity Groves 

3011 Gulden Lane, Dallas

All of the restaurants in this area have Frenchie Friendly patios. Bring him or her along while you enjoy from a wide variety of restaurants. You can find Mexican, Vegan, American, Sushi and much more here. 


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