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Male vs Female Frenchies: Who Makes a Better Pet & Key Differences

What are the distinctions between a male and female French Bulldog, one of the more frequent queries posed by prospective new Frenchie owners? Do they have different personalities, is one easier to teach than the other, is one more affectionate or aggressive, and do they have different health conditions?

We have a male French bulldog named Claude, and he occasionally invites his female friend around. I am in the best position to advise you on whether a male or female French Bulldog is preferable, in contrast to other webpages published by persons who don’t own Frenchies.

This article contains a lot of my personal opinion and anecdotal information about the French Bulldog gender dispute, as well as some supporting scientific data.

There is, however, a major qualification. Frenchies’ surroundings, training, diet, and genetics all play a role in who they are. Not all Frenchies will exhibit the gender-specific distinctions I’ve listed here. Every dog in the world will be unique from the others.

distinctions between male and female French Bulldogs
Here is a very general review of how male and female Frenchies compare physically, along with some advantages and disadvantages, before I go into detail about the spectrum of differences you could anticipate to notice between them.

What distinguishes French Bulldogs between the sexes? Male Frenchies have bigger bodies and bigger heads. A male will typically weigh 2 to 4 pounds more than a female. In addition, men are more likely than women to have health problems.

Male and female French Bulldogs
Dimensional comparisons (size and weight)
Male and female Frenchies are not drastically different in size, and many females will frequently imitate their male counterparts. In reality, the differences are quite slight.

According to averages, the size and weight of a male and female French Bulldog are different:
Male typical height and weight are 11 to 12 inches tall and 20 to 28 pounds. Female typical weight and height are 10 to 11 inches tall and 16 to 24 pounds. You’ll also observe that men tend to look considerably stockier than women and have bigger heads. For instance, our guy Claude is all muscle, whilst his female companion is really thin and has a delicate appearance.

Comparisons of personalities
There are some typical personality variations between male and female French Bulldogs, without wishing to generalize about all Frenchies.

The personality variations and advantages or disadvantages of a female vs a male French Bulldog are described in the following terms by other Frenchie owners.

Males are more self-assured, lively, and mischievous.
Females are more nippy, abrasive, docile, temperamental, dominant, and quick to display hostility as a puppy. Let me put a big disclaimer around those claims, though. These are common criticisms, and it’s true that a Frenchie’s disposition is greatly influenced by their upbringing, training, and environment.

The temperamental differences between a male and female French Bulldog nearly vanish after spaying and neutering, which is yet another MASSIVE aspect at play.

This is why it’s crucial to make sure the male and female are both neutered. It eliminates several undesirable and aggressive personality qualities in both sexes, making for a much better pet in your home.

Dogs who have been neutered or spayed are less likely to have health issues, to soil the floor as much, or to try to mate with your leg. Additionally, they won’t become irritable or at risk of escaping while it’s hot.

However, there were a few crucial takeaways regarding neutering and spaying after speaking with breeders as part of my investigation into the dispute over whether male or female Frenchies are superior.

When the girls are in heat, the male French Bulldogs we’ve raised and placed to stud can be more violent than the females. It’s not a strict rule, as sometimes this happens even if the female has been spayed and the guy has been neutered.

“Every one of our Frenchies has a distinct personality, and after their minor operations, we don’t notice any distinctions between the sexes. The only time I do notice a significant personality difference between the sexes is when our females are still intact and in their heat cycle.

Are French Bulldog males combative?
You could infer that the female of the species is the more aggressive sex based on my studies into spaying and heat cycles in female French Bulldogs.

Once more, there is no set rule in this situation.

Speaking from firsthand experience, our friend’s puppy has displayed significantly more hostility than our male Claude when she visits. She hasn’t been spayed yet, though, so that might be the problem in this situation.

Some Frenchie owners I spoke with mentioned their male dogs acting in an alpha male manner. The dog acts aggressively because it thinks it is the dominating force, which includes having authority over the owners.

In situations like this, the Frenchie’s training plays a major role in the outcome. In a guide I published on how to stop a French Bulldog from biting, I outline 13 distinct techniques that can help both men and females with their aggressive inclinations.

Finally, are male French Bulldogs more violent than females? In my experience, this is not the case, and what breeders say about the females’ heat cycles seems to support this.

Here are some comments made by other dog owners I interacted with on social media about the differences between male and female Frenchies in terms of aggression and biting.

We breed French bulldogs, and I have to tell that the female puppies are always nippier and more aggressive. They do, however, grow out of this biting stage.

I have to concur with my friend that the female animals we have had and raised have been more aggressive. Our latest son is much more laid-back and calm, though, like some have said, he may occasionally act off in a cute, mischievous way.

“I can categorically state that the ladies are much more feisty than the males as the owner of three Frenchies, two female and one male. The girls always appear to be in the mood for a puppy bite!”

comparisons of training
Exists any proof as to which gender is simpler to train? I have only anecdotal proof because I can’t discover any other kinds.

The simple line is that housebreaking Frenchies might take a while. If I recall correctly, we had to toilet train Claude for eight months before he stopped peeing on the kitchen floor.

The female is now close to 8 months old and beginning potty training around the same time as Claude. Read my potty training guide, which we utilized with our son.

On a web forum, I also heard that it takes male Frenchies longer to fully house train them, but in my limited experience, I haven’t observed this.

The forum poster claimed that because male Frenchies are more mischievous and exhibit an alpha male mentality toward their owners when they are puppies, they are more difficult to train.

How neutering and spaying can affect how an animal is trained
With training in mind, I wanted to return to the neutering and spaying discussion because it can significantly affect your Frenchie’s disposition. Both male and female French Bulldogs are affected.

The general consensus among dog owners around the world is that when a female has been spayed and a male has been neutered, they are easier to train. The dog’s personality may change to become less hostile and irritable after this fast medical operation.

The Frenchie should be simpler to train as a result of this.

why are French Bulldogs with females more expensive?
The female Frenchie to the left of the male was more expensive.
Your French Bulldog’s anger will be under control because there won’t be as many hormones to cope with. You might also run upon other Frenchies who fit this description.

For instance, you could have to deal with other males paying considerable attention to a female when she is in heat. The boys’ undesired behavioral problems, such as hostility, could be brought on by this attention.

Additionally more violent are female Frenchies during their period.

Additionally, a female who hasn’t been spayed will leave the customary bloody discharge on your couches and carpets.

Whether your dog is male or female, getting it spayed or neutered will result in a much better-behaved pet that is suited for your house and family.

A comparison of health
Potential health issues will be a key deciding factor in deciding whether to get a female or male Frenchie. There will be costs involved if your Frenchie is more prone to health issues, as well as potential future heartbreak.

It gets extremely fascinating at this point since it seems that male French Bulldogs are more likely than females to experience health problems.

According to a study from 2018 that was released by the Royal Veterinary College in the UK, “male French Bulldogs also appeared to be less healthy than females” (view website).

Over 2,000 French Bulldog health records from England, Wales, and Scotland were analyzed for the study. You won’t be surprised to learn that more than 70% of Frenchies will experience a health issue during their first year of life.

But what could surprise you more is how much a French Bulldog’s health can vary depending on whether it’s a male or a girl.

Handy Tip: Review this list of 31 probable health conditions to discover if your male or female French Bulldog will experience any of them over the course of their lifespan.

An excerpt from the news release about the Frenchie gender health comparison is provided below:
The fact that male French Bulldogs tend to be less healthier than females is one of our research’s more intriguing findings. There were no health problems that females were more likely to develop than males, however males were more likely to develop 8 of the 26 most prevalent health conditions.

I analyzed the research’s data and produced a comparison chart that illustrates how health issues between male and female Frenchies compare.

Comparative pricing
The price difference between buying a male or female French Bulldog could be a consideration if you’re currently trying to make a selection.

Why are French Bulldogs for females more expensive? For a female, some breeders will charge extra. You could opt to breed her for this purpose. Some dishonest owners will purchase an expensive female with the sole intention of profiting from the sale of her offspring. I don’t suggest doing this.

It will also cost significantly more to own a female Frenchie if you wish to breed her than a male. Artificial insemination is often used in Frenchie breeding.

The costs of a c-section must also be taken into account because the women are unable to give birth naturally. The cost of a Caesarean section is described elsewhere on the blog.

Males are more likely to experience health issues than females, which could result in higher charges if you choose to purchase a boy rather than a girl.

comparisons of intelligence
Are Frenchies smarter on the male or female side? Since I have not been able to locate any published studies from any respectable organizations, I am sorry but I am unable to provide you with a conclusive response.

However, just based on anecdotal data and personal observation, female French Bulldogs do seem to be smarter.

Though it is only based on owning a man (Claude) and frequently having his female companion stay, do take this statement with a grain of salt.

When the female comes to our house, she appears to be more capable than Claude in terms of making decisions, planning ahead, and even engaging in cunning and manipulative behavior.

In order to get to Claude’s bowl first, she occasionally eats her meal more quickly than he does. She might also act impolitely before becoming submissive and giving us “puppy dog eyes” in an effort to win us over.

However, it’s possible that it’s just her personality and not a significant signal of the distinctions between male and female French Bulldogs.

Do Frenchies male and female get along?
I suggest purchasing a pair of French Bulldogs if you can’t decide between a male and a female. As they are: two Frenchies are always preferable to one.

social animals in packs.
can complement one another.
Maintain each other’s health and fitness.
can serve as examples for one another.
can lessen separation phobia.
can be abandoned for longer.
I’ve gone into great detail about how Frenchies perform best in pairs. Look there to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of owning two.

chewing-toy war
Claude and his girlfriend like spending time together and get along well as a male and female couple.
But is mixing the sexes acceptable? Having taken care of a female Frenchie, I can attest to how well she gets along with Claude the male. The only problem we do have is that Claude sometimes become worn out by her excessive puppy-like excitement.

There is no reason not to combine the two as long as they have both been neutered and spayed.

In fact, some breeders claim to have had two females that fight nonstop whenever they are in the same room. Similar tales about owning two males who can act out their alpha male behavior with one another have been told to me.

In my experience, same-sex pairings are less compatible than pairs of opposite-sex pets. In our own home, we have observed a male and female French Bulldog connection, and they seem to get along nicely.

How your gender may be important
Additionally, you should take into account factors other than your Frenchie’s gender. Consider your own gender when deciding on a male or female French Bulldog, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, a female Frenchie might be preferable if you’re a man. Perhaps a male Frenchie will suit you better if you’re a woman.

Yet why? A well-known author and dog trainer claims that, in contrast to female people, “female dogs sometimes develop deeper relationships with male humans” and vice versa.

On the website FrenchBulldog.com, I found the following explanation:

“Male dogs and people of the opposite sex frequently get along famously. This may also be connected to characteristics shared by both sexes. Some male dogs develop a keen sense of protection for their female owners in an effort to protect them from any threats. This relationship with male canines can occasionally become more intense when female humans are pregnant and nursing.

Although there doesn’t seem to be any scientific proof to support or refute this idea, I’ve met numerous dog owners who really believe it to be true.

Female Frenchies frequently draw toward me, and male Frenchies usually want to be near my wife.

Training is essential for behavior and personality
This article’s discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of a male or female French Bulldog contains some severe generalizations. It’s crucial to keep in mind that while training and upbringing are so crucial, not all dogs will fit into this general strategy.

A Frenchie’s temperament, whether it be male or female, will be significantly influenced by factors like socialization, how they were raised, how they were treated as puppies, their diet, security, love, and devotion.

It doesn’t matter if your French Bulldog is a male or female. In the end, it comes down to how much attention and instruction you give the dog.

A happy Frenchie can be had with training, diet, care, and attention. They express their joy in a variety of ways, some of which are described here.

Genes can also have a significant impact.
Genetics is the final factor that may impact your decision to select a male or female French Bulldog.

The debate over whether male or female Frenchies are superior can be entirely disproved by this factor, so you should make sure it’s present when you acquire your dog.

I’ll explain.
The upbringing and breeding of a Frenchie’s ancestors can have a significant impact on how they act. For instance, many breeders will inform you that a young puppy’s disposition can be greatly influenced by the personality of its mother and even its grandmother.

When I was researching male versus female French Bulldogs, a few breeders informed me what follows.

The kind of Frenchie who gets along with everyone was one of our most cherished boys. He was the friendliest and most loving dog you’d ever meet, and he was never violent. He is now two generations older than us, and since then, every man has exhibited the same traits. It’s beautiful to witness, and with each new litter, we recognize a little bit of our old dog.

“We breed a female that cannot tolerate other smaller dogs at all. This particular trait has been acquired by each of her offspring. It’s strange to watch, yet it leads me to believe that genetics is crucial and comes from the mother to puppies.

Which French Bulldog, a male or a female, is preferable?
Which gender do you pick?
It’s now time to decide whether to select a male or female Frenchie. Have the comparisons I’ve made in this article helped you choose which is better?

Most likely not, and there’s a good reason why—individual personality, which has been a constant subject throughout this guide.

I think a dog will develop and mature together with your family based on what you give it to do. They are wonderful family dogs and are especially gentle with children.

What can you do and how do you come to a decision when it’s clear that some factors, including genetics and the breeder’s treatment of the puppy, are beyond your control?

First off, I’ve put together a guide on things to watch out for when buying a Frenchie puppy to assist you. Please read that and give it your full attention.

The distinctions between male and female Frenchies was one topic I left out of that handbook. Personally, I don’t care as long as the dog has been neutered or spayed at the appropriate period.

And when you do see your potential puppy, pick the one who is in the litter’s middle in terms of behavior and character. Not the smallest, not the feistiest, and not the most submissive, to put it another way.

Male or female, every French Bulldog will have an own personality. Really, I don’t think gender is a big factor. It doesn’t matter if a Frenchie is male or female; the dog is what matters.

Above all, please make sure that your home is prepared for a Frenchie. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of owning one. It’s hard labor.