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merle French bulldog puppies for sale in texas

What is a Merle?

The merle coat comes from a dominant gene that becomes diluted by other genes. When this happens, different merle colors occur.

Types of Merles 

The Lilac Merle French Bulldog is one that has a chocolate brown and a blue base coat color and light-colored eyes. The blue fur is diluted, revealing the lilac color. This is the most uncommon of the Merle Frenchies and could cost you up to a whopping $10,000.

merle French bulldog puppies for sale in texas

Black Merle

A black merle is created when a dominant gene is black and eventually other coat colors show up. These colors are commonly black, tan, or fawn.

Blue Merle

A blue merle French Bulldog is often called a blue-gene breed. However, it really has a diluted black coat that appears to be blue. A neat thing about blue merles is that they have a bright blue eye-color throughout their life and maintain a lighter colored eye than your regular Frenchie.

merle French bulldog puppies for sale in texas

Moreover, Merle Frenchies, like other Frenchies, are not aggressive, however, they can be stubborn. Their stubborn attitudes can be seen as adorable. Merle’s are also playful and very affectionate. Whether it’s a Merle Frenchie or another variation of Frenchie, these lovable dogs are iconic pets.  It used to be said Merles are not considered an AKC breed. However, Designer Kennel Club, designer breed registry is changing that. You can now get papers on your puppy and working with French Bulldog Texas they have many lineages that work with them as well. Check it out here!  Designer Kennel Club 

Merle French Bulldog Puppies for sale