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Socializing your French Bulldog is an important factor in their lives. It teaches them how to play nice with others and a great way for you to get outside and socialize yourself. I understand that dog parks aren’t always ideal. Some breeds are naturally more aggressive, or there is the risk of an owner not controlling an out of hand pup. Regardless, the socialization is important! 

Thankfully, there are Frenchie meet up groups. How to find them? There is an app you can download called “MeetUp” where you can plug in your city and find the nearest group. They post the date, time, and location so you can be a part of the action.

You simply fill out an application, tell them about your Frenchie and once approved, tag along. 

If there is not specifically a Frenchie Group, you can always start your own or join a group for “small dogs” or “all breeds”. It’s all up to you and your French Bulldog’s comfort level. Either way, the social aspects for the two of you will be rewarding and fun!