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Day light savings has arrived. Your Frenchie will definitely notice that extra hour of sunlight or as they see it (playtime). If you’re wondering about what to do with all your  own (and your Frenchie’s newfound energy!)  here are our top 10 ways to enjoy the spring with your Frenchie!

1. Schedule a shopping spree.

Spring is a great time to seek out some new toys and games for your French Bulldog. Visit a pet-friendly retailer and shop together for some new activities you can enjoy with one another. You may even want to spruce up his/her look with a new collar and leash! Whatever you buy (or don’t buy), the point is to have fun together on your shopping trip.

2. Plan a Frenchie play date or join a French Bulldog event group. 

Plan to meet other french bulldogs parents at a dog-friendly park or at one another’s homes. Frenchies love to play with one another, and being around others is good for their body and soul. If you have a fenced-in yard, you might also consider. A local rescue in Houston TX has a dog bar called Barkleys. May 15th will be Frenchie Yoga visit link to sign up and be added to their emails for french bulldog meet up and events! 


3. Have a photo session.

Spring flowers make for gorgeous pictures. Schedule a photo session with a friend or a professional photographer to capture the beauty of your French Bulldog in a blooming surrounding. 

4. Take a hike (short and bring water) 

French Bulldogs love the great outdoors and love few things more than roaming through the hillside, enjoying the sights and smells. Hiking together will give you both plenty of fresh air and exercise. Be sure to start up slowly if you haven’t been walking much recently. 10-20 minutes a day is a good start and make sure to come prepared or start early in the day or later in the afternoon to keep an eye on temperatures. 

5. Hone those fetching skills.

While the spring landscape is often full of sticks that have fallen from trees during the winter. Sticks can splinter and cause unintended splinters in your dog’s mouth. Bring along a variety of toys, too, like Frisbees and tennis balls, to keep the fun going. Playing fetch is a fantastic way to sharpen your dog’s eye-mouth coordination and give him some much-needed exercise. Again – be mindful of the heat! 

6. Take to the lake or the beach.

French Bulldogs might need their vests but they take to water like flies to honey. If you live near a dog-friendly lake or beach, now is the time to go enjoy it.

7. Go camping. Grab your Frenchie tent and head for the hills.

Look for a pet-friendly campsite, or make our own. Just be sure to pack all your pet’s essentials in addition to your own: food, clean water, bowls, grooming kit, bedding, pick-up bags and an extra leash and collar. Consider booties and a cooling vest, as well. And make sure your Frenchie  is properly identified in case you are separated. Also keep a eye on those temps In your area! 

8. Exercise together.

Need to get rid of some winter weight gain? Whether it’s on you or your Frenchie you can start shedding those pounds by exercising together. Hit the road by running, biking, roller blading or just walking. Find a dog-friendly park many in Houston TX and do some work-outs together. You’ll have a great time getting the endorphins flowing and just bonding with your dog.

9. Take a vacation together.

If there’s somewhere you’ve been wanting to go, do it now! There are lots of pet-friendly hotels these days, so bringing your best friend along is easier than ever. Air BNB’s are pet friendly welcome now almost all times! Southwest Airlines is great with French bulldogs just make sure you have an emotional support vest and letter from your vet or get approval beforehand if you’d looking to fly. Choose a location with plenty of outdoor space for your French Bulldog to exercise and play in, maybe along a lake or ocean or in the mountains. If you travel by car, make sure your Frenchie has proper seat and all the gear a traveling prince needs. If you travel by plane or train, learn about their dog policies in advance and be prepared.