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In the last few years, there has been a boom for Blue French Bulldogs! Why? Well, just look at them. Super pleasing to the eyes. Cute faces and in general the French Bulldog breed is spectacular. So where does the Blue Frenchie color come from?  In French Bulldog color DNA, there has to be black to have blue. Blue is a dilution of black. At some point, diluted genes from two dogs clashed and created a blue. 

Blue Eyes: Do they really stay blue? What is the truth?


The truth is that blues eyes in Blue Frenchies do not stay blue. Any French Bulldog breeder that is telling you this is completely blowing smoke! All Frenchie puppies, once their eyes open, have a small tint of blue. The blue frenchie pups a bit more. As they get older, the eyes will change to amber gold or a hazel shade. 

Blue Allergies: Are Blue French Bulldogs more prone to allergies?

The answer is NO! Each individual Frenchie pup no matter what color carries it’s own genetic makeup. Blue Frenchies can be just as healthy as any other color puppy. 

Blue Demand: Why are Blue Frenchies more expensive and hard to find?

To obtain a pair of Blue Frenchies it can be costly & difficult. The process of breeding Frenchies is expensive which includes progesterone testing, artificial insemination, and c-section. The average litter count of the French Bulldog breed is small (4 avg.) It’s a lot of work and a good amount of luck to make these babies. So consider yourself lucky if you’ve found a nice one! 

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Blue Dreams: Dreaming of a Blue Frenchie?

You will need to research the breed. Save approximately $2,500-$5,000. Save extra money for any unexpected vet visits. Find a reputable French Bulldog breeder who has a track record of producing Blue Frenchies. That being said, our Blue French Bulldogs can come in Standard size or Micro. The average size of our blues are 18-25lbs. If you’re interested in a Blue French Bulldog, make sure to join our mail list for upcoming availability.