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Do you wonder what you can do to show your French Bulldog how much you love Frenchies and how much you care about them? We’ve got the grounds covered for you in this piece. Here’s what most people don’t know about French Bulldogs;  French Bulldogs are among the most emotionally sensitive Frenchie’s  They are very affectionate, that’s why they make the best companions at home. That’s also one of the reasons why Frenchies are very good with children and can maintain a very close relationship with humans. So, if you have taken the time to understand the nature of the franchise you’ll that they are not just smart, they are highly emotional. Hence, they take cognizance of how you treat them and make them feel under different conditions. 

Below is a rundown of the things you can do to express love to your French Bulldog:

Try Feeding your French Bulldog by Hand

Feeding a Frenchie by hand increases intimacy and a strong bond between you and your buddy. It is a nice moment to gush about but you should know that as your Frenchie grows, the need to feed by hand slowly diminishes. You can also revive the moment once again during training as it is a great way to show your French Bulldog that you still care regardless of his age. 

Buy Matching Outfits 

A more defined way of expressing love to your Frenchie is buying a matching outfit either similar designs or similar colors with the Frenchie. This creates room for team bonding when all three of you are out on a short stroll or just sitting by the television and watching tv series. This creates a memorable moment especially when you click on the selfie camera.

Tell Them How Much You Love Them

French Bulldogs somehow understand human voice and Frenchies are not left out when it comes to decoding human language. So, if you are all loved up and you never fail to go out of your way to express your love to your Frenchie lover, it is best that you do the same to your Frenchie especially when he impresses you by his conduct.

girl in swimsuit laying kissing frenchie puppy

Learn the Frenchie Language

French Bulldogs have their do’s and don’ts too when it comes to hugging them or passing them around to get acquainted with new faces. It is very important that you take time to understand the body language of your Frenchie and abide by its rules as this would increase the trust and understanding it has for you and build a loving relationship as well.

Take your Frenchie out for Short Walks

French Bulldogs are lovely breeds that serve as the best companions when it comes to taking a short walk or a short drive. Remember to keep it simple and short as they are not built for long walks or too much pressure being placed on them. You can opt to take the Frenchie out if you notice that your lover or friend is not in the mood for a short walk, this is another way to express your love to a Frenchie lover

Buy Toys 

French Bulldogs can get bored sometimes and would want to take up adventurous feats. I guess you don’t want to imagine the outcome of that journey so it is very much important that you buy as many toys as possible to keep its devious mind busy. If you are not a French Bulldog owner and you know a Frenchie lover whom you care about so much, you can decide to go on a toy shopping spree and get cool items for the Frenchie. 

Healthy Food Plan

It is important that you stick to healthy meal plans for your French Bulldog and avoid by-products as much as you can. Due to their high tendency at obesity, it is advisable that you don’t overfeed the Frenchie and maintain a nutritious diet for its health. You can share your knowledge with a Frenchie lover so as to keep him/her guided on what the French Bulldog eats and the number of calories it consumes.

Train and Play

Training a French Bulldog not only teaches them how to behave but also makes your bond stronger because the more impressed you are about his conduct, the higher the chance that it will be rewarded with a treat or praised. This keeps them happy and motivated to do more.