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Three Frenchie Friendly Bars in Dallas, Texas

Looking for the best dog bars for your French Bulldog in the Dallas area? Here is a quick rundown of our top 3 choices! We chose these three venues because we felt these establishments gave you the best bang for your buck and the most dog-friendly for your French Bulldog!


Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar


LD Beer Club

The Lazy Dog is a great restaurant to have an All American Burger and bring your Frenchie for fun socialization. The food is comforting for humans and a small menu you for your Frenchie as well. Complimentary water bowl to stay hydrated and a bar for thirsty Frenchie Moms & Dads. The patio area is spacious and staff welcoming. One of the most popular doggie venues in Dallas, Texas!


MUTTS Canine Cantina



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Cheers to Best Friends! Have you ever wanted to take your French Bulldog out for a drink? Now you can in Dallas! MUTTS Canine Cantina is a Frenchie-friendly restaurant and off-leash dog park that loves your Frenchie as much as you do! You can watch your Frenchie play from the patio and a beer garden for local draft beer. There is staff supervision in the park area and will also take your drink order. The food menu is simple and affordable. They offer membership so make sure to look up the rules before you attend. Another crown jewel of the modern dog park movement in Dallas!


Backyard Dallas


On the east side of Dallas, the Backyard is a Frenchie-friendly bar and restaurant. The finger food is good and drinks plentiful. Your French Bulldog will love the excitement this place brings! Lots of games for humans such as cornhole, Jenga, and beer pong. A great place for group events and the staff is extremely friendly and inviting to your Frenchie! Also, the music is a bit louder so be prepared. Highly recommended if you’re into bigger crowds and in the mood for some fun!