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Traveling with your Frenchie can be a wonderful experience. Whether you decide to bring your Frenchie along for your summer vacation, visit relatives, or drive cross country, traveling together can be a great way to strengthen your bond and have some fun with your pup.

However, when you’re traveling with your French Bulldog there are some additional considerations that need to be made to ensure that your pup is safe, happy, and healthy throughout your journey.

So how do you make sure your Frenchie enjoys your travels just as much as you?

Be aware that there may be special considerations when flying with your French Bulldog.

brindle puppy frenchie with airplane print on floor

If you’re planning on traveling across the country or across the world, there’s a pretty big chance that you’ll be boarding an airplane at some point. Flying with any Frenchie can be a stressful experience. The thought of shoving a Frenchie into a dark, hot cargo holds is enough to make any Frenchie owner cringe, especially with the stories that have surfaced about Frenchies dying in these holds.

So how we you ensure that your Frenchie is safe during your long flight? The good news is that because most French Bulldogs are small, you’re able to travel with your Frenchie as one of your “carry on” items. For a fee of course. Flying with your Frenchie can cost you an extra $100-150, depending on the airline, but it’s well worth the extra cash to give you peace of mine. Most airlines also have weight limits for Frenchie traveling in the cabin, usually 15-20 pounds, which means that flying with your Frenchie shouldn’t be a problem.

However, before you book your flight, be sure to do your research. There are some airlines that have banned certain breeds, French Bulldogs included, from flying at all because of the risks. 

Make sure you puppy proof your car before taking any road trips.

If you plan on driving to your destination, there are a couple of things you may want to do to prepare your pup for your travels before you hit the road. First, you will want to ensure that your pup is safe while you’re driving. Letting your Frenchie hang his head out the window and climb across the seat without being secured is not safe for you or your Frenchie. Make sure your Frenchie is secured with a crash-tested safety harness or place their crate on the floor of the backseat. Make sure the crate is large enough for them to move around comfortably. If your Frenchie doesn’t travel well, protect your upholstery by covering the seats with towels, blankets, or sheets. Consult your veterinarian before you plan to leave about any anti-anxiety or motion sickness medications that may help to keep your Frenchie more comfortable on the road.

Make sure to pack your Frenchie’s supplies as well.

In addition to keeping your Frenchie safe on the road, you’ll want to make sure that you pack away all the supplies that he will need for a trip away from home. Make sure to pack plenty of food and treats so that your Frenchie can keep to his regularly scheduled mealtimes. In addition, be sure to pack plenty of water and a collapsible bowl so that your pup has something to drink during the trip as well.

And of course, don’t forget the waste bags!

If your Frenchie is on any medications or supplements, pack those along as well. Finally, if you bring along their favorite bed, blanket, or toy your pup will feel safer and more comfortable during their trip.

fawn frenchie and cream frenchie in blue shopping basket

Finding Frenchie friendly lodgings.

If you’re planning to visit relatives, you may already know that your Frenchie will have a warm place to stay. However, if you’re bringing your Frenchie along for a fun vacation, you will have to do some extra research to find a Frenchie friendly hotel, rental home, or Airbnb. Check out BringFido.com to find an exhaustive list of Frenchie friendly accommodations near your destination.

In addition, keep in mind that some hotels may have restrictions on breed, size, or the number of animals that you can bring during your stay. When in doubt, give your potential lodging site a call to make sure your Frenchie will be a welcome guest.

Finding Frenchie friendly activities.

Lastly, if you’re traveling with your Frenchie, you’ll want to be sure that they are having as much fun as you are. Research the area to find Frenchie friendly activities and destinations near-by. Be sure that the Frenchie friendly activities are appropriate for your Frenchie. There may be a nearby park that you want to bring your Frenchie to, but if there are fireworks planned for that evening, you’ll want to be sure to avoid the park. Any activities that require being out in hot, humid weather are also not safe for your Frenchie. Instead, opt for activities that will allow your French Bull Frenchie to relax. Consider bringing your pup to a Frenchie friendly patio bar during the evening hours. This will be the perfect way for you and your pup to bond.

Of course, traveling with your Frenchie can be a great way to have some fun and strengthen your bond. After some careful planning to ensure your Frenchie is as safe and happy as possible your trip will surely be full of memories you will never forget.