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Flying with Your Frenchie

Flying with your Frenchie can be quite seamless experience! I myself have flown with my pup multiple times so I want to give you all insight to the process.

First and foremost, booking. Once you have booked your flight – call the airline. Give them your reservation details and let them know you are adding a pet to your booking. Some airlines only allow a certain amount of pets per aircraft, so you want to insure your Frenchie’s spot – especially during seasonal travel times.

If your French Bulldog is a service animal, there is no fee for traveling. Depending on the type of service animal, your Frenchie will either ride in a flight friendly pet carrier under the seat in front of you or the airline will seat you in a leg friendly area where your pup can sit / lay down. Occasionally they get their own seats! Speak with the airline about this, it is always different and they have all the answers.

For Frenchies that are not certified service animals, there is a fee. Depending on the airline your Frenchie’s ticket will be anywhere from $95 – $130 for domestic flights in the USA. It is also a flat rate, so no tax!

Now for the pet carrier. They must be certain dimensions in order to fit underneath the seat in front of you. 18.5 inches long by 8.5 inches high and 13.5 inches wide – but the bottom line is that the carrier must fit completely under the seat in front of you so it doesn’t impede access to the aisle. Again, if your Frenchie does not fit in a pet carrier comfortably, other seating arrangements will be made via the airline.

Your Frenchie’s comfort is another factor to consider. If they are just little babies, they will have no issue in the carrier. To calm any nerves you can administer half a baby Benadryl or ask your vet for a mild flight sedative. This goes for adult French Bulldogs as well. It’s also important to pack pet wipes incase your Frenchie spits up or has a nervous accident.

Lastly, a note for the tiny puppies. Yes, you want to make sure they are OK but the less you take them out of the carrier before boarding the better. They do whine and cry a little at first but once they are comfortable they pass out. Playing with them before a flight can get then riled up then they are crying on the aircraft and nervous all over again. I promise they are more safe in the carrier than running around a germy airport!

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