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All the Noises You’ll Hear

French Bulldogs are notorious for making some of the most outrageous noises. From weeping to snorting and of course, snoring, these little creatures do it all. I have had house guests ask me several times “is your Frenchie okay?”

Let’s dive into what these sounds are and what they mean!

Reverse Sneezing…

Or as I like to call it, starting a lawn mower. Reverse sneezing is a sound unlike any other. It occurs due to involuntary and quick inhalations through the nose, snorting, and gagging.
It usually only lasts for a quick second and sometimes she will do it several times before stopping. I noticed it happens typically when allergies are at a peak, or when the weather begins to turn cold.


Of course farting is a big one for French Bulldogs. These little guys sure know how to clear a room. Passing gas is very natural for them. Many a time, when your French Bulldog is eating or drinking they are also swallowing air. That air equals the passing of said gas.


French Bulldogs are often referred to as “little piggies” for this very behavior. It certainly does sound like just that. Snorting is a natural thing for Frenchies. It is how they clear their airways of irritating particles such as dust and mucus.


Panting is common in French Bulldogs and other breeds. It is how our pups cool themselves down. Since Frenchies have flat faces, it is harder for them to regulate their body temperatures to cool off. After play time or a walk, make sure your pup is properly cooling off. Tile, wood floors, A/C, or a quick rinse in the tub will get the job done!

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