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Many things excite French Bulldogs; these could range from feet, shadows, trash and sometimes dirt. Yes, dirt can be a source of excitement for your French Bulldog. If you have ever taken care of a French Bulldog, you will understand that they can develop a quirky behavior and most times do things that you may not understand. This is all part of the troubles of raising French Bulldogs.

Why do French Bulldogs eat dirt?

Usually, French bulldogs use their nose to explore their environment; hence it is no news that they go around sniffing anything they see around. They also use their mouth to explore too. The nose of French Bulldogs is way better than the nose of a human. When your French Bulldogs use their mouth to explore their environment by eating dirt, it is referred to as pica.

French Bulldogs, especially puppies, will eat dirt because they are exploring. If this is true, why then do old French bulldogs eat dirt? Sometimes, when this happens, it may not be the dirt your French bulldog is interested in, maybe a food dropping, nutrients or something tasty. Here are a few things that can make your French Bulldog eat dirt.

Bad Food

When your French Bulldog eats dirt, it could be because it is searching for minerals or vitamins that he is not getting in his diets. Hence an unbalanced diet could be the reason why your French Bulldog is surfing through the dirt. This condition is usually seen when your French Bulldog is suffering from an imbalance or deficiency. The instinct of your French Bulldog is to improve its survival, and as a French Bulldog owner, you should not overlook this sign. If this wrong appetite of your French Bulldog is ignored for more than a few days, you should contact your veterinary doctor. 

Health Condition

The search that your French Bulldog has embarked on for vitamins and minerals could be that it has a medical condition like inflammatory bowel disease. Hypothyroidism could also cause this. For your French Bulldog to be healthy, it will need a balance of all six nutrients. However, if your French Bulldog digs a lot, with lots of dirt flying and entering his mouth, then this may be a behavioral issue. But if your French Bulldog slowly inspects with its tongue, then it is searching for specific content. Dirt can also be a good indigestion reliever; this is because they contain clay which helps to eliminate discomfort. If your French Bulldog goes around eating dirt two hours after eating; it is a sign of indigestion. If your French Bulldog does not eat dirt because of the above reasons, then it is undoubtedly a behavioral issue. And just as it is for humans, if your French Bulldog does not get any mental or physical stimulation, it will cultivate a new habit to cover for such lapse and eating dirt can come in handy.

Is it safe for Frenchies to eat dirt?

Since it is not a new thing to see French Bulldogs eating dirt, hence we have to check the effect of this habit on your French bulldog. Except your French Bulldog eats soil dirt daily, then there is no cause for alarm. Also, some dirt contains foreign substances such as toxins, chemicals, and pesticides. Hence if your French Bulldog consumes these, they can be harmful and cause severe stomach troubles for your French Bulldog. Hence it is generally safer if your French Bulldog eats dirt only in your yard, but going elsewhere would not be safe, and there is a chance of getting contaminated since you would not know what they dispose of in that compound.

How to stop your French Bulldog from eating dirt? 

It is not wise to punish your French Bulldog as a way to prevent him from eating dirt; it is better to use positive reinforcement. 

Exclusion Zone: before you begin to make any analysis, you should first stop your French bulldog from eating dirt. When you notice your French bulldog eating dirt, all you should do is move them away from the dirt. 

Analysis: check the rate of dirt consumption and analyze where they eat the dirt from. If your French bulldog eats from the same area, then you should check to see what your French bulldog is trying to consume. But if your French bulldog eats in a randomized pattern, then you should check the next step. 

Assess your French Bulldog’s diet: a diet that has all the required nutrients will help your dog; the nutrient cycle of your French Bulldog can be assessed by checking the; breed-specific factors, feed management, and the feed nutrition. 

If your French Bulldog’s diet is okay, then you should check your dog to see if it is healthy. Check its defecation to see if it experiences any difficulty stooling. Check for any blood stains too. If you discover any of these signs, then you will have to visit the vet.