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French Bulldogs, ahhhh that little smooshed face and compact body. The cutest! Walking these little guys is an important part of their day, but pulling on their leash can cause shortness of breath and hurt your Frenchie’s throat. 

It’s crucial to train them on healthy walking habits for this reason. 

French Bulldog

If you are using a traditional collar on walks, be aware of how much your Frenchie is pulling on their leash. An excited French Bulldog can end up chocking themselves or blocking off their airway. Building healthy walking habits will banish this problem. Consult with a trainer for best practices on breaking this habit so your French Bulldog can rock any collar you put on them! 

A harness is also a great way to prevent any choking. This will not necessarily help train your Frenchie, but it will allow them to breathe better. Harnesses never choke, but they do allow for much more pulling on the leash. 

Making sure your Frenchie has comfortable walks and outings makes for one happy pup! Find the best practice for you and your French Bulldog so you can always enjoy your walks.